Zoë Sparx was born a normal human in Los Angeles, CA but everything changed when she became a cyborg, see "Biosocial Definition", in 2008. Since then she vowed to live life to the fullest in celebration of the miracle that is the human body and the blessing that is medical science. Her days in front of the camera began at 18 years old with freelance modeling: everything from fashion runways to fine art nudes. This work lead to her appearances in several music videos and then she went on to learn the art of fire dancing. However, Zoë is most known for her roles in hardcore adult films. She is grateful for everything she learned about production on film sets, and surprisingly, everything she learned about acting and improv. Ms. Sparx feels very fortunate to put "mainstream porn" in the past and is now focused on creating queer positive and fetish friendly content as an independent performer, model, and all around artist. 
Her goal is to educate humans everywhere about the importance of enthusiastic consent and bodily autonomy through the magic of dance, clowning, and fire arts.

Zoë is based in Las Vegas, NV and available for your education & entertainment needs anywhere in the USA!